Security and Program Management Support at the Department of Homeland Security United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology (DHS US-VISIT) Department

The Department of Homeland Security United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology department (DHS US-VISIT) tracks the entries and exits of visitors to the United States and manages a biometrics database for identity management. Travelers provide digital photos and fingerprints and the database matches applicants’ fingerprints to verify their identity.

US-VISIT required assistance in developing an international passport program (e-Passports) based on the data in the biometrics database. In addition, the department needed support in executing program management activities. CLMS was tasked with providing biometrics, information technology, portfolio management and program and project management support.

How We Helped:
CLMS contributed significantly to the development of the biometrics and other data standards for the e-Passports program. To assist the development of the new technology associated with e-Passports, CLMS coordinated several test efforts involving US officials and security representatives of numerous foreign governments and commercial manufacturers. CLMS’s portfolio management services have included developing the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) 300 submissions and budget planning and execution documents. Our firm has provided capital planning and investment control (CPIC) analyses and we have developed and implemented risk management activities. CLMS has helped integrate program communication within the department and has provided facilitation services.

Benefits to the Client:
CLMS helped US-VISIT to develop and deliver the e-Passports program, a reliable system for identifying potential security threats at airports in the US and abroad. In addition, our portfolio and program management services have improved the effectiveness of US-VISIT operations and enhanced the department’s standing within the agency. Other DHS departments and external stakeholders, such as Congress and OMB, consistently receive well researched budget analyses and submissions from US-VISIT.

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