Configuration Consulting and Design Support at the General Services Administration (GSA)

The General Services Administration’s Federal Technology Service Information Technology Solutions (GSA FTS ITS) department maintains the Regional Business Application (RBA), which stores data on GSA’s regional and national financial management and procurement activities. The RBA is comprised of a variety of systems, including the Common Oracle Database (CODB).

GSA FTS ITS needed consulting and design, operations and maintenance and integration support for the CODB. CLMS was requested to capture the detailed design requirements, update the requirements and software baselines, and identify and resolve data load errors.

How We Helped:
CLMS maintained a Software Configuration Management (SCM) Plan that identified all functional and physical characteristics of system components and configuration items. We participated on a Change Control Board and implemented all approved Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs). To resolve data load errors, CLMS developed a metadata repository and mapped all source fields to their targets in the CODB, developed and utilized test environments, and identified and corrected data source issues. We supplied second level technical support and third level database administration support. CLMS provided integration support in part by creating the interface between the CODB and the Visual Invoice Tracking Payment/ National Electronic Accounting Registry (VITAP/NEAR).

Benefits to the Client:
With the elimination of the data load errors, GSA FTS ITS decision makers benefited from improved data integrity and the reduced time of developing financial management and procurement reports. Furthermore, the detailed requirements documentation we developed has facilitated upgrades of the CODB. And our integration support has enabled the transfer of vital data among GSA systems and provides GSA managers with more meaningful information.

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