Program Management Support at the Department of Homeland Security’s National Wireless Management Office (DHS-WMO)

In June 2004, the Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General (DHS OIG) issued a report (OIG-04-27) indicating that DHS had not provided sufficient guidance to its components or established adequate controls necessary to implement its wireless program. The report included a recommendation that the DHS National Wireless Management Office (WMO) provide additional oversight and guidance to align components’ wireless programs with DHS’s wireless goals. WMO needed CLMS’s assistance in developing a program management framework.

How We Helped:
CLMS provided portfolio planning support and helped develop network governance structures. CLMS led the implementation of a change management program, including the training of DHS project managers on the new governance framework. In addition, CLMS helped develop and execute an integrated wireless portfolio plan in conjunction with the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Business Process Office. We developed an integrated master schedule, a detailed risk management framework and tracking database, project charters and other project lifecycle deliverables.

Benefits to the Client:
CLMS helped align the operations of DHS components with the goals of the agency, resulting in more organizational synergy within DHS. Our assistance in developing network governance structures has streamlined WMO processes, clarified roles and responsibilities and developed “checks” to ensure that proper procedures are being followed. The risk management framework we helped build enables DHS to manage and reduce the risk for over $80 million in wireless communications projects.

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