Software Development
at the United States Army

The US Army needed to automate the management of soldiers’ personnel-related activities and business functions and allow for the electronic transfer and retrieval of records across installations and agencies. The Army embarked on the Installation Support Modules (ISM) Modernization Project; ISMs are software applications that automate personnel and business functions. The Army selected CLMS to provide software development services.

How We Helped:
CLMS was integral to the development of the modernized, web-based ISM applications. We participated in the architectural planning during the initial assessment, identified and gathered project requirements and developed an Oracle-based Detailed Requirements Tool to serve as the repository for requirements. CLMS proposed and implemented a data-driven approach to the application design. We developed data cleansing and transformation rules, established data dictionaries and created the format for mapping data elements from legacy and external systems to the modernized system.

Benefits to the Client:
CLMS’s assistance has significantly reduced the amount of time required to transmit Army soldiers’ personnel records among installations and to other agencies. In addition, the data cleansing and transformation rules we implemented has resulted in enhanced data integrity.

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