Software Lifecycle Support

CLMS provides proven expertise in providing software lifecycle support, from business concept to implementation and operation. Our firm offers a wide range of services that will provide a complete solution to your organization's unique software needs. CLMS's software lifecycle support core areas are:

  • Application development
  • Systems engineering

CLMS's application development services include: software development lifecycle management (SDLM); custom application development; application upgrades; application setup and configuration; database administration; production deployment; and post production support.

Our systems engineering services include: installation of hardware; configuration and tuning; backup and restoration automation; customized training for administrators, operators and end-users; systems integration for UNIX, Windows NT 4/2000 Server, Novell NetWare and Cisco routers and switches; UNIX and Internet security configuration; risk analysis; and network security in LAN/WAN environments.

High Quality, Timely and Cost Efficient Software Solutions